There are more people getting divorced today than ever and sexual sin is often a big factor.

“68% of divorce cases involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.”

“56% of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”

Sexual sin is like a cancer of the soul. When we find out that we have cancer we don’t hesitate to enlist the help of an oncologist. Yet when sexual sin plagues us we think we need to conquer it on our own. We deny the seriousness of it, refusing to get help. Or we turn to church leaders or counselors who want to help but don’t have specific training to deal with sexual brokenness and it’s effects on a person’s soul and marriage.


We help men and women find freedom from sexual sin and help their partner heal from the trauma of betrayal.

“70% of wives of sex addicts could be diagnosed with PTSD.”

“When I was delivered from my own sin and Christ showed me how to become free, I realized how many Christian men and women do struggle with unwanted sexual behavior, and how many of them are terrified to seek help. As I understood this, I was broken and wanted to be part of the solution.” Michael Cary


We break the silence in the church about sexual sin, sharing our own stories of brokenness and how Christ has set us free, as well as offering one on one consultation for struggling adults. We connect men and women to groups that will help them find freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, along with providing help for their partner to heal from the trauma of betrayal.



If you or your partner struggle with unwanted compulsive sexual behavior, CLICK HERE to launch our “Get Help” web page.


Invite Living Truth to speak to adult men and women at your church event.

Invite Living Truth to train your ministry leaders to help adults struggling with sexual brokenness as well as providing support for the traumatized partner.


The Restore Conference is an outreach and teaching event designed to teach how to:

  • Prepare your children to win the battle for sexual integrity
  • Restore sexual integrity and healthy intimacy in your own life
  • Forgive, help, and rebuild trust with those struggling with sexual sin

Sessions 1 & 2 are designed for teenagers, parents and ministry leaders, providing insight and depth into real life redemption stories of the devastating effects of sexual sin.
Sessions 3 – 5 are designed for parents and ministry leaders, teaching techniques on how to have lifelong conversations about sex with kids, as well as how to deal with sexual brokenness in the lives of teens and adults.

Please CONTACT US for more information.


Julee is a caring, wise mentor. I am so grateful for her kind yet challenging words to me each week. I always sense that even though we meet in a small group, she is personally invested in each one of us individually!


I have been in Christian counseling for years. It was not until I started working with Kristin that I began to heal from my husband’s betrayal. God is using her story of pain and healing to bring hope and restoration to me and others.


Kristin listened, asked questions, & helped me deal with feelings of betrayal. It’s been over a year & my husband & I are still working with Kristin & Michael. They have become a vital part of our marriage & I can’t imagine where we’d be without them.


I believe that God has equipped and called Julee to minister to women wounded by the SA of our husbands. From the moment I first inquired about the support group she facilitates, she has consistently displayed her compassionate, honest wisdom in helping us face the trauma we have experienced and begin to heal. She is able to avoid becoming enmeshed in our troubles but tenderly, knowledgeably, loving walk beside us on our journeys to healing and joy.


Julee is an absolute gem. She has a caring and compassionate demeanor and she doesn’t pass judgement on any situation. She has empowered me to take care of myself and has made a huge positive impact on my journey to healing.


I can’t thank (Kristin) enough for your help especially in the earlier days of this hell. You are truly living your gift which (to me) is love and compassion for the wounded in this pit called sexual addiction.


Being around Julee is a bit like hanging out with a kind Sherlock Holmes. I’ve greatly appreciated her perceptive wisdom, offering of being both gentle and direct, eye openers to live in both reality and hope, encouragement to grow and practice self-care, and her heart for God and people. Julee has been a reflection and conduit of God’s character and presence in the piece of my journey that holds deep pain due to my husband’s issues and overarching refusal to connect. I am grateful.


They did a fantastic job and were easy to work with. Our staff were encouraged, students flocked to meet with them one-to-one. I recommend you consider inviting them to your campus.

Corey SchumacherCru Campus DirectorBall State University

I expected to find help in the area of purity, but had no idea how it would effect the rest of my life. Michael has helped me dig out the root of the problem. The benefits have stretched to my marriage, my walk with Christ, & my relationship with others


They spoke (to our students) powerfully from their own lives of the devastating effects of sexual brokenness & testified of the power of Christ & the gospel to redeem & restore. I give my endorsement.

Scott BerkeyCru Campus DirectorUniversity of Illinois


1-in-41 in 4 teens has an STD.

Center for Disease Control

60-percent60% of pastors admit to viewing pornography in the last 30 days.

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