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You know that the key to the successful Christian life is walking and living by the Spirit. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is joined to our spirit, so as believers we want to act and move and speak only out of the promptings we receive from our s/Spirit. But how much have you been taught about what your spirit is and how to sense it? Are you able to recognize and define what spirit sensations feel like within you?

Like you, Mark Virkler had a passion to walk by the Spirit and live out of his spirit and thus release the anointing of God to a hurting world. But, also like many of you, he lacked a clear biblical definition of what his spirit felt like. He didn’t really know what his spirit was or what it did, beyond the basic, “Your spirit is the part of you that communicates with God.” So, being a researcher, he looked up every verse in the Bible on heart and spirit. His exploration into the Word forms the foundation of this module. Mark will guide you in meditating on many of the 1200 verses which mention “heart” or “spirit” with the one supreme objective of learning to sense your spirit and the Spirit of Christ Who is joined to your spirit.

As you meditate on the verses, you will answer three key questions: “What does this verse teach is a possible spirit-level characteristic or feeling?” and “When have I experienced such a spirit sensation? What did it feel like?” And you will ask the Lord with journaling what He wants to say to you concerning the verses you are exploring. The goal is that you come away with a vocabulary to describe the spirit, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s movements within you. You will learn how to radiate Christ out through your spirit. You will learn how to walk by the Spirit and not carry out the desires of the flesh (Gal. 5:16). You will learn to live as s/Spirit-conscious as Jesus did.

You will explore what the Bible has to say about the following topics: What does living out of my spirit look like? How do I define my spirit in practical enough terms so I will be able to feel its movements? What are the functions of my spirit? Does the Bible really say I have emotions in my spirit? What are the character traits that I could have in my spirit? What does the Bible say my spirit does? What things affect my spirit? How do I sense God’s movement within my spirit? How do I release God out through my spirit? How can I sense the spirits of those around me so I am able to minister heart to heart and spirit to spirit?

The answers to these questions will be practical, down-to-earth, and biblical. As you look up hundreds of verses you will be praying over them, asking, “God, teach me to sense my spirit, and Your movement within my spirit.”