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Corri Ogburn

Maintaining one’s humanity in a pornified culture like our own, can lead to shame, deepen isolation and ultimately dehumanize all of us.  If the statistics on the matter are even partially true, the number of men and women struggling with porn addiction is at epidemic levels; addiction is no respecter of marriage or spirituality. Spouses of men who struggle with sexual integrity find very little support and help for the ongoing betrayal trauma they experience.  Often the trauma of marriage betrayal is compounded by treatment and spiritual trauma because of uninformed models for helping a spouse.  Corri works with men and women to educate and train on the impact of both addiction and betrayal, and to decrease the stigma of pornography addiction, so that men and women can find help. She meets with partners impacted by their loved one’s sexual integrity issues (living outside of one’s sexual values) and supports women through groups and one on one meetings. Her own journey and ongoing training and education has equipped her to lead others on a journey of healing and joy in the midst of partner trauma.



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