Women in the Battle is a duplicatable weekly women’s group format provided by Living Truth for women who have been impacted by their partner’s sexual betrayal (such as pornography addiction or infidelity). Living Truth provides free and paid subscriptions to access exclusive video teaching recorded live at Women in the Battle meetings at various locations. Our online video membership, combined with our duplicatable introductory statements and discussion guide give you everything you need to host a Women in the Battle weekly meeting in your city, providing an atmosphere where women can heal from the traumatic impact of sexual betrayal. We encourage you to review the online memberships described below, and contact us at WIB@Living-Truth.org or 317-645-7911 with any questions. We look forward to partnering with you in helping to heal women’s hearts!

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Subscriptions for WIB Regular Attenders


Price = Free


  • Access to Living Truth’s “Essentials” Video Collection
  • General Email Newsletter Subscription

Every Man's Battle Free Subscription


Price = $8.99 monthly or $89.99 annually


  • All “Basic” Attender Benefits
  • Access to Living Truth’s “Advanced” Video Collection (refreshed monthly)

Every Man's Battle - monthly

Every Man's Battle - Yearly

New annual memberships are currently closed, please sign up for our monthly subscription.

Subscriptions for WIB Group Facilitators


Price = $18.99


  • All Basic and Advanced WIB “Attender” Benefits
  • Access to all documentation used in Facilitating an WIB meeting
  • Streaming of our “Videos for your Weekly Meetings” Collection
  • Access to Living Truth’s “Facilitator Training Videos” Collection (up to date “how to” videos that will help you facilitate your group)
  • Access to a Living Truth WIB Territory Leader
Every Man's Battle Facilitator - monthlyNew memberships are currently closed.


Price = $195 annually   *Best Value


  • All Basic and Advanced WIB “Attender” Benefits
  • All “Basic” Group Facilitator Benefits
  • Access to Living Truth’s “Archive” Video Collection (approximately one year archive of up to date teaching and testimony to be played at your weekly meeting)
Every Man's Battle Master Facilitator - yearlyNew memberships are currently closed.

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